Robot Control Library
* @file rc_calibrate_gyro.c
* @example rc_calibrate_gyro
* @brief runs the mpu gyroscope calibration routine
* If the routine is successful, a new gyroscope calibration file
* will be saved which is loaded automatically the next time the MPU
* is used.
* @author James Strawson
* @date 1/29/2018
#include <stdio.h>
#include <rc/mpu.h>
// bus for Robotics Cape and BeagleBone Blue is 2
// change this for your platform
#define I2C_BUS 2
int main()
printf("\nThis program will generate a new gyro calibration file\n");
printf("keep your board very still for this procedure.\n");
printf("Press any key to continue\n");
printf("Starting calibration routine\n");
config.i2c_bus = I2C_BUS;
printf("Failed to complete gyro calibration\n");
return -1;
printf("\ngyro calibration file written\n");
printf("run rc_test_mpu to check performance\n");
return 0;